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Reporting and research of the world food situation

Modeling the international economy

Safety and risks


Natural resources

Tools and Methodology



Reporting and research of the world food situation

Food production and environmental degradation: tradeoffs from an economic perspective
Keyzer, Merbis, Sonneveld and Voortman, 26
Global change open science conference

Assessing the worldwide effects of a shift towards vegetable proteins
Van Wesenbeeck and Herok, 44

Diet shifts towards meat and the effects on cereal use: can we feed the animals in 2030?
Keyzer, Merbis, Pavel and Van Wesenbeeck, 63
Ecological Economics, abstract
and Pdf.

Confronting dietary energy supply with anthropometry
Nubé, 30
World Development, abstract

Food-consumption patterns in Central West Africa, 1961 to 2000
Honfoga and Van den Boom, 47
Food and Nutrition Bulletin, abstract

Food energy deficiency, child malnutrition and low body mass index
Nubé, 49
In: Measurement and assessment of food deprivation and undernutrition

Gender and adult undernutrition in developing countries
Nubé and Van den Boom, 50
Annals of Human Biology, abstract

Food security in Sub Sahara Africa
Nubé, 140
SOW-VU Working Paper 03-03, abstract and pdf

Relationships between undernutrition prevalence among children and adults at national and subnational level
Nubé, 143
SOW-VU Working Paper 04-03, abstract and pdf

Food aid: selected problems of implementation and international coordination
Merbis and Nubé, 99

Food crisis management in Sub-Saharan Africa: a bird's eye view of the continent
Keyzer, Merbis, Nubé, Sonneveld and Voortman, 135


Modeling the international economy

An opening bid for the Millennium Round (Impact of the Agenda 2000 reform)
Keyzer and Merbis, 13
European Commission, Directorate-General Agriculture

The CAP reform proposal of the Mid-Term Review: decoupling with strings attached
Keyzer, Merbis and Van 't Riet, 134
European Commission, Directorate General Agriculture

Reforming sugar, stronghold of agricultural protection
Keyzer, Merbis and Van ‘t Riet, 14
CPB Report 2000

Managing multifunctionality in towns and countryside: considerations for CAP reform
Keyzer, 118
In: Multifunctionality and the WTO negotiations on agriculture

Will the proposed CAP reform reward green services?
Keyzer, Merbis and Van ‘t Riet, 136
CPB Report 2003, abstract

The structure of applied general equilibrium models
Ginsburgh and Keyzer, 37
MIT press,

Trade models of imperfect competition
Keyzer and  Van Wesenbeeck, 17
In: Trade, Growth and Development

How to deal with imperfect competition.
Van Wesenbeeck, 19a
Ph.D. thesis

WTO, agriculture, and developing countries. The case of Ethiopia.
Keyzer, Merbis and Overbosch, 15

Trade liberalization and opportunities for the poor
Keyzer and Merbis, 97

SPS-standards and developing countries: the need for differentiation
Keyzer and Merbis, 25

Labeling and the realization of cultural values
Keyzer, 41
De Economist, 150(4), abstract

Changed market access in the north and the farm prices in the south: some lessons from the war on drugs
Keyzer and van Wesenbeeck, 58
De Economist, 152(4)


Safety and Risk

Food safety, labeling and market efficiency
Keyzer, 113
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-04, abstract and pdf

Regulation and efficiency in the health sector: a general equilibrium analysis with endogenous risk’
Keyzer, 95
SOW-VU Working Paper 01-02, abstract and pdf

The emergence of crime under decollectivization: a general equilibrium argument
Keyzer, 114
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-06, abstract and pdf

Shaping the odds: insecurity management in general equilibrium
Keyzer, 116
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-09, abstract and pdf

The economics of strategic defense
Keyzer and Van Wesenbeeck, 48
De Economist

Introducing aggregate risk in an orthodox intertemporal Arrow-Debreu model: what happens to saving and investment
Van Veen, 102
SOW-VU Working Paper 01-09, abstract and pdf

Solving an intertemporal Arrow-Debreu model under aggregate risk: implementation of an SQG-based algorithm
Van Veen, 127
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-15, abstract and pdf



Rural Poverty Assessment and Mapping in Lebanon
Keyzer, Van Veen, Albersen, Nubé, Sonneveld and Temel, 16

High levels of Burden of Disease for all age groups of the population in Sub Sahara Africa
Nubé and Overbosch, 83
SOW-VU Working paper 00-07, abstract and pdf

Returns to education and experience in Ghana, 1987-1999
Appiah-Kubi, Nsowah-Nuamah and Van den Boom, 88
SOW-VU Working Paper 01-01, abstract and pdf

Le rendement de l’éducation en Côte d’Ivoire 1985-1998
Amoussa and Van den Boom, 106
SADAOC HRD project paper

Le rendement de l'éducation en milieu urbain au Mali
Bah, Sissoko and Van den Boom, 107
SADAOC, HRD project paper

Le rendement de l'éducation au Burkina Faso
Kaboré,  Coulidiati, Nsowah-Nuamah and Van den Boom, 112
SADAOC, HRD project paper

Rendement de l'éducation en milieu rural au Togo
Koffi-Tessio,  Abgodji, Nsowah-Nuamah and Van den Boom, 121

SADAOC, HRD project paper

Curative health care utilization in Ghana
Van den Boom, Nsowah-Nuamah and Overbosch, 108
SADAOC HRD project paper, SOW-VU Working Paper 02-01, abstract and pdf

Health effects of health policies in Burkina Faso
Overbosch, 100
SOW-VU Working Paper 01-06, abstract and pdf

Health in Central West African countries: commonalities and disparities
Nubé and Overbosch, 123
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-14, abstract and pdf

Determinants of antenatal care use in Ghana
Overbosch, Nsowah-Nuamah, Van den Boom and Damnyag
Journal of African Economies, vol. 13(2), abstract, and SOW-VU Working Paper 02-13, 124, abstract and pdf


Natural resources

The effect of soil degradation on agricultural productivity in Ethiopia
Keyzer and Sonneveld, 27
In: Economic Policy and Sustainable Land Use, abstract

Formalizing expert judgments in land degradation assessment: a case study for Ethiopia
Sonneveld, 51
In: Land Degradation & Development, and SOW-VU Working Paper 02-11, 125, abstract and pdf

Land under pressure: soil conservation concerns and opportunities for Ethiopia
Sonneveld and Keyzer, 52
In: Land Degradation & Development, and SOW-VU Working Paper 01-08, 101, abstract and pdf

A non-parametric/parametric analysis of the universal soil loss equation
Sonneveld, and Nearing, 54
In: Catena, and SOW-VU Working Paper 02-05, 126, abstract and pdf

A non-parametric analysis of qualitative and quantitative data erosion modeling
Sonneveld, Keyzer and Albersen, 33
SOW-VU Working paper 99-07, 73, abstract and pdf

African land ecology: opportunities and constraints for agricultural development
Voortman, Sonneveld and Keyzer, 56
In: Ambio, abstract, SOW-VU Working Paper 99-08, 76, abstract, CID Harvard, 19

Policy implications for sustainable agricultural development in the Ethiopian Highlands
Sonneveld, 60
Towards Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development in the Ethiopian Highlands

Characterization of spatial soil variability and yield function analysis on Sahelian coversands
Voortman and Brouwer, 34, 128
In: Sustainable crop-livestock production for improved livelihoods, Ibadan

Spatial dimensions of precision agriculture: a spatial econometric analysis of millet yield on Sahelian coversands
Florax, Voortman and Brouwer, 36
In: Agricultural Economics, abstract, and SOW-VU Working Paper 02-07, 111, abstract and pdf

An empirical analysis of the simultaneous effects of NPK in Millet production
Voortman and Brouwer, 55
In: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, abstract, SOW-VU Working Paper 01-04, 103, abstract and pdf

Coversand land ecology and site-specific millet yield functions in SW Niger
Voortman and Brouwer, 139
SOW-VU Working Paper 03-02, abstract and pdf

Pricing a raindrop in a process-based model: theory and application for the Upper-Zambezi
Albersen, Houba and Keyzer, 129
SOW-VU Working Paper 03-01, abstract and pdf

Pricing a raindrop in a process-based model
Albersen, Houba and  Keyzer, 45
In: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, abstract

Consistent calculation, valuation and calibration of surface flows in spatially explicit and dynamic models
Keyzer, 117
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-10, abstract and pdf

Estimation of agricultural production relations in the LUC model for China
Albersen, Fischer, Keyzer and Sun, 35
IIASA Working Paper, 78, abstract

Economic models of land evaluation I: local decision making
Keyzer, Sonneveld and Voortman
Click www.eolss.net43, abstract

Economic models of land evaluation II: regional and global decision making’
Keyzer, Merbis and Sonneveld
Click www.eolss.net42, abstract

Sustainability and the intergenerational distribution of natural resources entitlements
Gerlagh, and Keyzer, 22
In: Journal of Public Economics 79, abstract

Limits-to-Growth theory
Gerlagh and Keyzer, 23
In: Coordination and growth; essays in honor of Simon Kuipers, abstract

Efficiency of conservationist measures: an optimist viewpoint
Gerlagh and Keyzer, 46
In: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 46, abstract

Path-dependence in a Ramsey model with resource amenities and limited regeneration
Gerlagh and Keyzer, 57
In: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 28, abstract


Tools and Methodology

Global convergence of the stochastic tatonnement process
Ermoliev, Keyzer and Norkin, 9
In: Journal of Mathematical Economics 34, abstract

General equilibrium and welfare modeling in spatial continuum
Keyzer, Ermoliev and Norkin, 97
IIASA Interim Report 01-033

Estimation of econometric models by risk minimization
Ermoliev, Keyzer and Norkin, 110
IIASA Interim Report 02-01

Equilibrium selection in games: the mollifier method
Keyzer and Van Wesenbeeck, 65
In: Journal of Mathematical Economics 41(3), abstract

The mollifier: a management tool for a European soil erosion database?
Sonneveld and Keyzer, 32
In: Newsletter European Society for Soil Conservation, 1/2001

Kernel learning for poverty mapping: an introduction
Keyzer, 115
SOW-VU Working Paper 02-08, abstract and pdf

Redressing survey observations with census information. A user’s guide
Albersen, Keyzer and Overbosch, 130
SOW-VU Working Paper 03-04

Extrapolation of survey findings with census data. A user’s manual
Albersen, Keyzer and Overbosch, 131
SOW-VU Working Paper 03-05

Rule-based and support vector (SV-)regression/classification algorithms for joint processing of
census, map, survey and district data
Keyzer, 144
SOW-VU Working Paper 05-01, abstract